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Please find a great silver singing bird box automaton made around 1940 in by Griesbaum in Triberg Germany. The silver case with tobacco compartment is extreme ornate and a lust for the eyes. On all sides including top and bottom you’ll find different sceneries with little cherubs dancing and playing musical instruments. Again, all sides are different.

This unusual case is 10 x 6 x 3,5 cm ( 4x 2,4 x 1,4 inch). By pulling the stop start knob this lid will jump open and a little bird will appear.

It will turn from left to right moving its beak and wings and sing  a song with a loud and strong voice.

After it is finished it will return into the box and the lid will automatically close again. The case is a lust for the eyes. This automaton has been fully serviced and is in great working condition.

Enjoy the pictures and  you tube file.

B-054 Silver Singing Bird Box with Cherubs

3750,00 Euro

B-054 Silver Singing Bird Box with Cherubs
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